This book is designed to be a tool in which you as a guitar player can,
                        with hard work, and I do mean hard work, be the kind of guitar
                        player you didn’t think was possible.
                       Minimum Requirements: 1. Own or lease a guitar.
                                                                  2. Know how to tune properly.
                                                                  3. How to hold and pick it.
                                                                  4. Willingness to practice at
                                                                      least two hours daily.
                       Now I know this sounds like a lot of work to most of you, but you are
                       only going to get out what you put in. That goes with anything you
                       Well, enough lecture, let’s start getting to the core of things. First I
                       will take you through the basics. Never forget your basics. I am not
                       going to teach you how to read music, but if you pay attention you
                       will learn.
                       Explanations, don’t you just get tired of hearing that word? I know I
                       do. So, from now on, we’ll refer to any explanations with "Common
                       Folk" language, like: Now look here.. .etc.
                       Now we look at the term position, meaning first finger through four,
                       each falling on consecutive frets; thus numbered 1,2,3,4, I will refer
                       to finger #, Fret #1 thru 12, string #1 thin 6, and also introduce you
                       to the staff on which notes are placed. You know, that weird looking
                       thing that has "Every good boy does fine and your "FACE" on it. This
                       will be as simple as pie, you’ll see.
                       The first part of this book will introduce you to the notes on your
                       guitar. the name of each string, and the name (letter name, that is) of
                       every note to corresponding string.